1. What is the TriForce Customer Appreciation Program "5 Will Get You 50"?

    TriForce Announces Customer Appreciation Program

    "5 Will Get You 50"

    As a thank you to our loyal customer fan base we have created a new customer appreciation program. It is simple and you are already registered! Keep shopping direct with us and save big.

    Purchase any 4 products at full price directly from Projecttriforce.com and receive a 50% discount on your 5th direct product purchase. This offer applies to all direct purchases made through projecttriforce.com since March 1st, 2012. All direct purchases verified in our system from this date forward count towards earning your 50% discount. Items purchased with a discount code do not apply to this program.

    That is it! Simple and easy, no muss, no fuss, nothing to register for, no number to keep track of. As an additional thank you from us we are also making this offer retroactive to cover any product you have purchased in the last 90 days.

    Rules & Regulations:

    1. The offer only applies to an individual not a household. Purchases cannot be combined, transferred or shared with any other individual.
    2. Only items purchased at full-price will be applied to this program.
    3. Incomplete orders and returns will not count towards your reward.
    4. You must be actively subscribed to our newsletter to be eligible for this offer.
    5. The retroactive date on orders is March 1, 2012.
    6. TriForce, at its sole discretion, determines the number of purchases that qualify for this offer.
    7. Your reward purchase cannot be combined with any other discount offers.
    8. Once you use your savings the program begins again the discounted item does not count towards your next reward.
    9. Any fraudulent attempt to redeem this reward will result in the customer being charged the full purchase price.
    10. It is your obligation to notify us when you wish to apply your reward, it will not be automatically done for you. This must be done in advance of your purchase via email to Sales@projecttriforce.com. We will need to verify on our end that you are eligible for the discount. It will not be issued retroactively and must be done before your order is placed. If you forget the discount it can be applied to a later purchase, you do not loose it. No exceptions will be made on this.
    11. TriForce reserves the right to terminate the Program for whatever reason with thirty (30) days notice.
    12. Notification of Program termination will be posted on the Website or one of our social media sites. TriForce will not be held responsible for failing to notify you of Program termination should you fail to check the Website on a regular and frequent basis.
    13. Specific questions about this program or what counts as a qualifying purchase should be directed to customerservice@projecttriforce.com.
  2. What is the TRI-PAY Plan?
    • Pay off your collectibles in a few affordable monthly payments
    • TRI-PAY payments are automatically scheduled when you sign up for the plan and will be deducted from your designated account on the 1st or 15th of every month. It is the customer's responsibility to ensure sufficient funds are available in their bank account or on their credit card.
    • Shipping costs and any applicable taxes will be charged with the last payment; upon completion of the last payment the item will be shipped to the customer's address on file. It is the customer's responsibility to ensure the "Ship To" address provided by customer is valid and is the preferred destination address for item(s) shipment.
    • Nonrefundable Fees Provision: If a collector chooses to cancel their TRI-PAY order or Tri-Force cancels it due to payment decline (bank account/credit card), incomplete shipping info, etc., the customer will not receive a refund. All preorder deposits and TRI-PAY payments are non-refundable. For more information on TRI-PAY please contact Sales@projecttriforce.com
    • TRI-PAY customers who fail to make full payment for any reason (e.g. insufficient funds, closed credit card, closed bank account) by the scheduled payments end-date will be notified of the following: (1) full payment must be received by Tri-Force within 15 days of the notice, (2) failure to remit full payment will result in order cancelation, and (3) order cancelation for non-payment will be processed on the 16th day.
  3. Does TriForce Automatically Complete My Order?
    Please note that by processing your pre-order with TriForce you are authorizing TriForce to automatically charge your credit card the remaining balance plus shipping once the product(s) on your order are in stock and ready to ship. You will be notified by e-mail 7-14 days prior to your product(s) arrival and 1-5 days prior to us charging your credit card. More information regarding Auto Charge can be found below or feel free to email us at any time at sales@projecttriforce.com.
  4. Charging your credit card
    You should receive a Processing Notification e-mail a few days before we charge your card. However, it is the customer's responsibility to monitor their e-mail, our newsletter, and our website for the arrival date of their pre-order product into our warehouse. TriForce is not responsible for any overdraft / over limit fees that may be incurred by the customer due to delayed, misdirected, or returned Pre-Order Is Ready To Ship or Processing Notification e-mails.
  5. What is a "Pre-Order Is Ready To Ship" e-mail?
    A Pre-Order Is Ready To Ship e-mail alerts the customer that their pre-ordered item is on its way to our warehouse from our production facilities. Customers who have pre-ordered an item with us and who have also supplied us with an e-mail address will generally receive these notices 7 to 14 days before the item's arrival, schedule permitting.
  6. What to do after you receive the Pre-Order Is Ready To Ship e-mail
    Upon receiving this alert you should confirm that the following are all correct on your order: shipping address, credit card information, and expiration dates. Log in to your Online User Account to confirm your order details.
  7. What if I did not receive my "Pre-Order is Ready to Ship Email?"
    If you did not receive the Pre-Oreder Is Ready To Ship e-mail, please verify and update if necessary the following:
    1. Verify that your pre-order item is scheduled to arrive soon via our website; the estimated pre-order arrival month is located on the product's ordering page.
    2. Verify the e-mail address that is registered in your Online User Account; it may be outdated or different from the one you are currently using, if so update it through your Online User Account.
    3. Estimated Item Arrival e-mails may also be blocked by your personal spam filters or virus software. Please add the following send only address to your accepted sender's list / address book: Sales@projecttriforce.com & Support@projecttriforce.com
    4. At times our schedule does not permit us to send an Pre-Order Is Ready To Ship e-mail (7-14 day) notice. In these cases you should still receive the Processing Notification e-mail, which gives you a 1 day to 5 day notice before your item arrives into our warehouse.
  8. What fees may apply?
    Please note that you will be responsible for all shipping fees on orders that are mis-shipped if you fail to update your Online User Account with new shipping information in a timely manner, or if you fail to cancel your order prior to TriForce processing your card. You may also be responsible for additional shipping fees that are incurred to redirect or reship your package to the appropriate address.
  9. Signature Required
    All of TriForce's products are limited editions. To insure that our items are delivered and received safely, all orders will require Signature On Delivery. If you will not be home during the day your product is to be delivered, we then suggest that you opt to have the package delivered to your place of business. You can chose the option to have product delivered without a signature but Triforce will not be responsible for missing product once we can produce proof of delivery from the shipper.
  10. International Orders
    TriForce is happy to ship our products to all locations in the U.S., Europe as well as other international countries. We ship our product world-wide from our U.S. based warehouse.
  11. Non-Refundable Pre Order Deposits
    All of our products will require a non-refundable pre order deposit to secure your pre-order through the production process. This non-refundable pre order deposit will be clearly stated on the product's web page and you will be asked to confirm your understanding of this fee prior to check out. Please expect to have the deposit charged to your card within 24 hours of placing your pre-order for the item.
  12. 14-Day Return/Exchange Policy
    TriForce guarantees that you will be satisfied with every item we sell directly to you or you may return it for a replacement or a refund of the purchase price* (USD$), within 14 days of the receipt of the item. To process a return/exchange please email us at support@projecttriforce.com. NOTE: The product must be returned in its original box/packaging in the same condition as it was sent to you. This means that the item must be returned intact with main product, accessories, bases, original packaging, outer shipment box, if this is how it was sent to you. We will pay the return shipping cost if the return / exchange is a result of our error such as a defect / damage or an error in filling your order. * If the purchase is being returned for any other reason than those previously stated, the buyer will be responsible for all shipping charges, including those to return the item(s) to us. Refunds will be the purchase price minus any applicable shipping charges. Due to the limited edition nature of our product, we cannot guarantee that the item(s) can be replaced at the time of return or that damaged specific edition numbers can be replaced with the same number. In this case, we would offer a full refund of the purchase price (US$). TriForce will not replace/exchange brown outer shipping cartons or base an exchange solely on the style of shipping carton you received. The shipping cartons are made to shield the item inside from damage during the shipping process and are not considered a part of the item's packaging.
  13. How do I track my order?
    When your shipment leaves our warehouse, you will receive an e-mail (if you have provided us with an e-mail address) that contains the tracking number for your package.
  14. Questions about your Marvel vs Capcom Infinite Collectors Edition?
    If you have any questions regarding your purchase of the Collector’s Edition for Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite, please contact the retailer you purchased the product from. For further assistance, please contact us at help@projecttriforce.com. We will share any additional information as it becomes available.