S Tetrimino Light Sculpture

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License: Batman: Tetris
Product Dimensions: 16"H x 8"W x 24"L
Product Weight: 5lbs
Artist: TriForce Development Team
Estimated Ship Date: June 2017


The Tetris® game is a deceptively simple, completely addictive puzzle game. The object of the game is to position the falling Tetrimino shapes in the Matrix (play field). Tetriminos are distinctive geometric shapes created from four Minos (single squared-shaped blocks) joined together into seven different patterns. The Tetriminos may be rotated as they fall and positioned in the Matrix leaving no open spaces. When an entire horizontal line fills with Minos, the line clears from the Matrix. If lines are not completely filled with Minos, they will not clear from the Matrix, and the Tetriminos will continue to stack up higher and higher. If the stack of Tetriminos reaches the top of the Matrix, the game is over!


TriForce proudly presents the officially licensed TETRIS™: S Tetrimino Light Sculpture. The Tetrimino is an icon of video gaming from one of the most popular electronic games of all time. From its humble beginnings in Russia to a worldwide phenomenon, the Tetris® game is loved globally by all ages and all cultures. The artisans at TriForce have masterfully recreated these icons and the end result is one of the most exquisite collections of gaming history ever seen. The TETRIS™: S Tetrimino Light Sculpture measures 24 inches in length, features working LED effects, and is water resistant! Quantities are limited so if you want to own this authentic piece of videogame history, order yours today.